Sunday, 2 February 2014

January 2014 Favourites.

Hello everyone,
 I have a confession to make; I have not written a favourites post since October. That is three moths ago. Oops. In an attempt to mend my ways, this is what I have been loving in January 2014!

-Urban Decay Naked3 palette-

I told you I wouldn't stop going on about this (Sorry not sorry.) I did a full review yesterday here, so check it out if you want to know why I'm so infatuated! 

-Maybelline BROWdrama-

Despite having heard mixed reviews of this products, I deiced to try it out for myself as Maybelline had a 3 for 2 promotion on - you know I never can say no! I must say I love it; I always used to use my MUA pro brow kit in the morning, but it did take a little bit of time and effort, however I have taken to simply sweeping this through my brows ad leaving it at that! This looks incredibly natural and keeps my brows in place all day. 

-Sleek blush by three palette in `CALIFOR.N.I.A`-

I have a full review of this beauty coming up soon, so I wont go into too much detail- but in short, this is a gorgeous trio of cream blushers that blend effortlessly and true to Sleek form, stay put all day with their uber pigmentation. 

-Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume-

This was a late Christmas present from my lovely auntie. Some of you will know that I am a huge lover of Taylor swift (see here) and I already have the original Wonderstruck perfume, so it was an absolutely lovely surprise when I was gifted this! It is described as `An Oriental Gourmand, Enchanted introduces a new dimension to the Wonderstruck portfolio, with an irresistible blend of luscious wild berries and sugar-glazed petals, wrapped in a touch of sensuality for a captivating signature.` All I can say is that it smells divine, pretty different form the original, but equally as lovely. 

-Seventeen Phwoarr paint in `Fair`-

I have had a bit of a concealer shortage recently, so I knew I wanted to try this after hearing a glowing report on the amazing Ghost parties, I picked it up on my last trip to Boots. I have to say I have been so impressed with this! It is an under eye concealer, but I like to use it on blemishes as well; it blends perfectly and is super light, just what I was looking for. 

-Rimmel Stay Matte foundation in `010 Light Porcelain`-

I didn't check before I wrote this post, but I actually did include this in my October Favorites  *slaps wrist*, but I think the fact that it has reappeared proves how much I like it! It is my favourite high coverage foundation and stats put all day (although not matte- I find I have to add a little powder.) The shade is also a perfect match for me which is no mean feat being as pale as I am. 

-Lush Honey Trap lip balm-

This really does taste of white chocolate and is so nourishing. I have actually been looking forward to applying this as the last step before I go to sleep, it always leaves me with the softest lips in the morning. 

-Topshop Matte nails in `Bad Orchid`- 

This is the nail polish I was wearing in my last OOTD, and although I don't think it lives up to its matte name, I adore the colour! The wear time is pretty good, it did chip a little, but I am willing so look past that because of the shade. 

-Moomintroll Snork maiden mug-

My Mum bought this for me when we were in Convent Garden recently, apparently the Snork maiden reminds her of me, aka, she has every bit of her accessorized! I have loved sipping my vanilla tea out of this on cold January afternoons :) 

What do you think of my favourites? What has made the cut for yours this month? 


  1. Oooohhh Alice great favourites! I desperately want tto try the naked 3 palette, and the sleek blush trio is gorgeous! :-)) Great postie!
    - From Annie ToadRoad

    1. Thank you Annie! + You should, I love it :) x

  2. That moomin mug is soooo cute! Also I so badly want the naked 3 palette xxx

    1. Isn't it just! + I'm obsessed with it :p x

  3. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift is one of my go-to's gorgeous!


  4. I really want to try the brow drama mascara! xx

  5. I might try the phwoar paint, my MAC concealer is rubbish and too expensive! x

    1. You should! I've not tried a MAC concealer but this one if fab :) x

  6. I love rimmel stay matte and the naked 3 palette looks gorgeous!
    Chloe's Little Nothing

  7. the naked 3 palette looks so nice!

    from helen at

    ps. there's a brand new high end skincare giveaway on my blog, click here!

  8. I wish I loved the Naked 3 as much as everyone else! Unfortunately, I'm just not sold on it! Grr :(
    Lovely post :)
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

  9. I really want to try the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  10. Awesome post doll :) Great selection of products, love the moomin mug, was one of my fave cartoons when I was little :)x

    The Belle Narrative - Enter my fabulous MAC Makeup Giveaway

    1. Thank you! + Aw I know, it makes me so happy drinking from this mug :p x


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