Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hair-care and styling: products and appliances.

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a lovely half term! 
One thing I have never really focused on here is my hair; I'm not really sure why as it is a big part of my daily routine and the overall look I try to go for. So today I am going to share with you the products and appliances that I use at every stage to sort out my barnet! 

To give you a bit of context, I have quite long, relatively fine, light brown hair with a center parting. I regularly use heat to style it although I think it's in pretty good condition.  I wash my hair every other day in order to keep it looking healthy.

Shampoo// So first up, I wash my hair with the Pantene Pro-v `Ice shine` Shampoo. This is designed specifically to be nice and light for fine hair, and I find it is true to it's claim as it doesn't weigh my hair down at all. It smells goregous- quite appley and lathers up really well. 

Conditioner// As you can see, this is the matching conditioner to the shampoo. It is super creamy and moisturizing and leaves my ends feeling really nourished. There is nothing worse than a conditioner that doesn't condition! 

Oil// We all know argan oil keeps our ends perfectly soft, so I like to use this Edward Beale one after I have towel dried my hair before I blow dry it. I picked this bottle up in TK Maxx just to try, and I love it! I would seriously recommend using a hair oil (whether it's macadamia, coconut or argan) because nothing leaves my hair softer. 

Hairspray// I don't actually use hairspray all that often, but when I do, I always reach for this Vo5 one. I holds the style perfectly and unlike lots of other hairsprays I've tried, leaves it super soft and never crispy. 

Texture spray// This is the newest edition to my hair-care stash , I saw it in one of Zoella's favourites videos and thought it looked worth a try! Honestly I'm not sure now much volume or texture it adds to my hair, but I do like using it- it smells amazing!

Salt spray// This was all the rage last summer, I love using this Toni and Guy salt spray to add that lived in feel to waves and natural hair. This little bottle has actually lasted me ages and I'll be sure to repurchase when it runs out.

Heat protecting spray// This is an essential step in my hair routine, I wont let any heat anywhere near my hair with out it! I have been using the Vo5 one forever now, it leave my hair really soft but I find it does leave a bit of a residue on my hairs if I'm not careful where I spray it! I have recently started using a classic L'Oreal Elnett one which I adore, again super soft and smells amazing- just like Lee Stafford products.

Hairdryer// I have had this Remington hairdryer for ages now, but I must say it is still going strong! I always blow dry my hair after washing it, and it takes me a round ten or fifteen minutes. I find flipping it upside down and then back again gets the best results- and lots of volume! 

Curling wand// I wear my hair wavy most days, so this BaByliss curling wand is an essential for me If you would like to see how I curl my hair check out this post, just please excuse the photos! 

Straighteners// When I do deiced to Straighten my hair, I like to use these Remington ones, they heat up really fast and I can do my whole head pretty quickly with them. 

Heated rollers// Last but my no means least are my heated rollers, I got these for Christmas and I think I might have finally got to grips with them. They are the BaByliss Thermo Ceramic rollers and they are a totally fool proof way to get big bouncy hair.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I've set my self a little challenge hair-wise, so you should see the results of that pretty soon! 

What do you think of my routine? What's in yours? 


  1. Oh my gosh I am so tempted to try heated rollers! Great postie found it very useful:) - From Annie ToadRoad

    1. I think they're fab :) + thanks Annie :) x

  2. love these kinds of posts! this salt spray is by far the best :-)
    Lauren xox

  3. I have the sea salt spray as well it does smell amazing but I don't think it does much to my thick hair, I've been looking for a good curling wand may have to pick up the remington one when I have the money I get so bored wearing mine straight all the time x


    1. Aw what a shame! + I love this one :) x

  4. My routine is completely different, but that's because I have billions of little plaits that need braiding! Haha you should check out my hair, I'm sure I have a picture somewhere on my blog. You can only guess how long it takes.

    Check out my post on the cons of blogging http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2014/02/the-cons-of-blogging-part-2.html?showComment=1392792000029#c2738978675454615045 If you want the pros check out part 1


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