Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Fifi Lapin iPhone case by Iconemesis.

Hello everyone, 
I was recently contacted by Iconemesis asking if I would like to choose an iPhone case from their extensive range. Now two things went through my mind at this stage (a I don't own an iPhone, and b) the cases on offer were two good to be missed! So long story short, my sister received an iPhone recently for her birthday, and she adored all the designs on offer as much as I did, so together we chose the adorable Repeat pattern by Fifi Lapin* case! 

I'm sure some of you will have heard of Fifi Lapin; she was hailed` the worlds most stylish bunny` by Elle don't 'ya know. The combination of pink, black an orange is so pretty, and this is defo a whole to cuter than your average phone case. The plastic feels really durable and the print doesn't look like it will ever fade or wear off. The fact that every little bunny is wearing a different outfit is just the cutest thing ever as well! The  embossed Iconemesis at the bottom is a lovely touch too, they have some gorgeous cases on their website- defiantly something for everyone. This case retails for £15 which I honestly think is a fab price for the quality and design.  
If only I was the one with the iPhone!

What do you think of this case? Are you a Fifi Lapin fan?


  1. I dont have an Iphone (sad face) but if I did that is the most amazingly cute case!!! :)


  2. Love this phone case!


  3. interesting! wish i am an iphone user. haha


  4. I am now really tempted to buy this case!



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