Sunday, 30 June 2013

Haul part two.

Hello my lovelies, it's time for the second part of my haul :) 

The one place I really wanted to visit on my most recent trip was (as ever) Topshop, I tried on a few sale items but they were all too big or just looked weird which was annoying because they had some really nice stuff , so I ended up just picking up two things, but I'm head over heels with what I did buy!

Now this first thing is pretty weird for me; I'm not a fan of leopard print at all, to me personally it just looks tacky, it's something I would never wear, but I seriously love this top!

Topshop strappy red leopard crop top- £10.00 

I think it's because it's not too leopardy, and I love the contrast between the black, white and red. It's a crop top, yes I know, another one, but  I can see myself wearing this all through the (all be it currently non existent) summer. This was only ten pounds as well which I consider brilliant for old Topper's! I must say this whole blogging thing is making me much more open to try things; neon, chains, leopard, what's next I wonder! 

The other thing I treated myself too in topshop was a new lipstick, which is not out of the ordinary at all :p 

Topshop lipstick in `Rio Rio`- £8.00
It looks much more pink in this photo than in person- sorry! 

I decided on the shade `Rio Rio` which I have been eyeing up for a while now. It's a really lovely read and not like any of the others I have in my collection; It's much more orange toned and bright than my other shades, so I love it, it's defo my new baby :). 

I also went to Lush to stock up on a few old favourites; This Yuzu & Coco bubbleroon was the first thing I ever bought from Lush, and I think it's probably the one I love the most!

Lush Yuzu & Coco Bubbleroon- £2.95
If you have never tried this then I urge you too! It smells amazing, I'm not really too sure how to describe it but it always reminds me of white chocolate and general yumminess!

I also decided on `Space girl`;
Lush Space girl bath bomb- £2.10

I love this bath bomb! It always reminds me of palma violets which is just fab :) I also adore the little pink bits of glitter, I mean what's better than a little bit of sparkle in the bath?

I bought these two things when I was in Wales (but I forgot to photograph them last time, doh!) so strictly speaking they shouldn't been in this haul, but I still wanted to show you them.
I bought this tanning mitt for obvious reason, I hope it does the job.
Primark fake tanning mitt- £2.00
I will be sure to report back as and when I use it, which I think will be this weekend as my legs are a pale embarrassment at the moment!

 I've never tried any false nails before, but I couldn't really say no to these considering they were only a pond in Primark, I have no doubt you'll see them in an OOTD soon :).
Primark false nails-£1.00
I'm not entirely sure about this next purchase; I sort of bought these on a whim in Republic and as I'm not one for drop earrings at all I'm not really sure how I feel about them!
Miso at Republic turquoise drop earrings- £3.00 

I do like them and I think with my hair down in a sort of wavy fashion they could look really nice peaking out, you will see how I get on with them if they appear in an outfit post I guess! These were only £3.00 in the sale so it's not like it's going to break the bank if I can't make them work, but I just thought it would be fun to experiment :).

Next and last stops for me was superdrug ( not Boot's I hear you cry, not this time, my bestie is doing her work experience in there, so I went to keep her company :p) I bought some more of my V05 heat protect spray as my current one has almost run out. I love the smell of this and it does a great job of protecting my hair and always leaves it feeling super smooth afterwards.

V05 heat protect spray-£3.69
The V05 range was on offer for two products for £5.00, so I decided to get a new hairspray, I'm not really a big hairspray gal, but I used some of my aunt's one of this last weekend and it left my hair so soft and obviously held my waves really well, so I thought it was time to buy some! 

V05 hairspray-£3.05
The last thing I picked up was the Sleek Contour kit;

Sleek Face contour kit- £6.49
I'm really sorry about the awful quality of this photo, for some reason I can NEVER get a good picture of  Sleek packaging! 

I have been wanting to try this little compact for the longest time, but whenever I went to superdrug it was always out of stock or I would have already spend all my money! However it is now part of my collection and I love it :)  don't want to go into too much detail on it because I'm thinking of doing a review of it so stay tuned for that!

So thats what I have been buying lately and I now have no money again, as per!
I have however started picking up bits for my 50 followers giveaway! I can't tell you now much 50 followers (or as it currently stands 51!) means to me so thank you :)

What do you think of my recent buys?



  1. That top is gorgeous! I'm going shopping with my mum this afternoon so I'll drag her into topshop to have a look!

    1. Haha thanks Emma! It was a bargain at only £10 as well! X

  2. I need the Sleek contour kit in my life!! My Superdrug doesn't stock Sleek, boo!! I'll have to wait until they next have free delivery online and take the plunge xx

    1. I really love it and I've only had it a few days :) it was a bargain aswell! X

  3. Love love love VO5 hair products :)

  4. I love your blog :)
    Follow on bloglovin?

  5. Great post!!


  6. Love that lip color!

    -Maddy @

  7. I love the sleek contour kit!

    1. Same! I'm totally obsessed with it already :p x

  8. That top is really nice, I've been loving the topshop sale this year, normally it's a but rubbish!
    Daniella x

    1. Thank you :) + I know! I was so disappointed when nothing fitted me! X

  9. You got some really lovely things! I love the Topshop lipstick.

    Hannah x

    1. Thank you :) + I already want to buy more! x

  10. I would love to try one of the Topshop Lipsticks, I love their cream blushes! Would you recommend the lipsticks?

    1. Omg absolutely! There some of my faves , they have a great selection of colours aswell :) x


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