Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My Easter.

Hi dolls!
I hope you've all had a lovely Easter and eaten a crazy amount of chocolate *reaches over to egg*
Sorry about my absence lately, but Ive been pretty busy!

As I have mentioned before, some of my family live in Wales, so this Easter we went to visit them :) Our cousins are a similar age to us, so we get on really well and its always nice to see them.

Travelling down ,I was really just dressed for comfort and warmth, but here's a cheeky car OOTD for you ;)

Leggings- Matalan, Top- Missguided
So we went down on good Friday, (obviously my school term finished on Thursday,) and stopped of at this really cute place called "Taurus crafts" which is all arty and has a really good cafe.

The cafe has this lovely conservatory area with vines wrapped around everywhere :)

They also had some really lovely paintings dotted around the place. 

It takes us about three or so hours to get to where our family live, so we just chilled when we arrived :)

On Saturday we went to a little place called St. Faggons, which is like a museum showing the way Welsh people used to live.

I just wore my beloved republic jeans and my eBay (Topshop) batman tee :)

At St. Faggons they had some really sweet farmyard animals; including some new born piglets!

Later on in the day we went too Cardiff! Ive never been to the capital before, but its a really lovely city. Of course we included some retail therapy in our trip, my Mum bought me some really lovely items from H&M for my birthday, which I will be blogging about later in the week :) On a side note, I am so impressed with H&M's summer range, everything is so nice! In the evening we at in prezzo's, which was seriously good :)

So on Sunday, we went down to a place called Lorenney quay for lunch in this gorgeous little cafe. I have to say it was cold, so we were all wrapped up!

Me and my lovely cousin Imogen :)

The quay

My Grandma cooked us a lovely roast this day as well :)

Yesterday really was crazy. We had to get up early and have breakfast, not something I like doing in hotels, but we had to get home, as I was going to see One Direction in the o2! I went with my Lovely friend Lauren, a friend of hers from her swimming club, and her parents :) This was my first concert and I had been looking forward to it for ages. I know One Direction aren't to everyones musical taste, but their show was so good! We were literally sat two rows from the back, but the atmosphere was so amazing; lets just say I had no voice by the end and my ears were ringing!

My ticket, I thought I'd lost it at one point, you can imagine the panic!

Lauren and me looking crazily washed out :)

Look how high we were!

The boys on stage

We didn't get back until about half one this morning, so today I'm going to be eating more chocolate, painting my nails and catching up on TV :)

What did you get up to this Easter?


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment, and I love your batman t-shirt :) xx


    1. It's my pleasure! + thank you :) x


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