Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Seen as we have just had the Easter holiday, it means I've had plenty of time to shop! I have had Birthday money and have been saving up for about two months in order to go on  a bit of a spree, so this is what I have bought recently :)

On this trip I really wanted to buy some new clothes, but not much really caught my eye. However, as you  can see, I did much better in Boots and Superdrug!

Let me start with my new Converse :)

I had been wanting these for quite some time and have already worn them so much! They are pretty expensive for a pair of canvas shoes, but I personally think they are worth it as you get really do get great quality.I have a feeling these are going to be in a lot of OOTD's soon!

I also made some Mac purchases :) (my first can you believe it!) my lovely Lauren got me a Mac voucher for my birthday, which you can imagine went down pretty well!

I deiced to get a lipstick in the shade `Pink nouveau` 

I love this colour so much! it's a perfect bubblegum pink, with out being too `in your face` I think this is going to look so gorgeous with so many colours, particularly white in the summer :)

I also picked up the much raved about `Fix +` to try 

I've been really enjoying spritzing this onto my skin before applying my make up lately, and after if I'm looking a bit powdery :)

Boots had a 3 for 2 on (never good if your trying not to spend to much!) so I picked up some things I've been wanting for a while.

I recently ran out of my beloved Health mix foundation but fancied a bit of a change...

Step up Rimmel match perfection! This foundation is really good! I was dithering between this and the `Wake me up` one, but seen as I'm not really into foundation with a glowy/ dewy finish, I went for this, and I have to say I've been really loving it :) I found they also had a wide colour range, and I think this one is a great match for my fair skin. 

I needed a new eyeliner and have heard great things about this one, so I thought I would pick it up.

At first I found it quite hard to work with, I'm used to using a dip- in liner , technical term there ;) which is kind of ironic considering their famously harder to use, but after a bit of practice I've become  fine with this and actually really like it. 

One thing I knew I wanted to buy were some Rimmel Acpocalips!

I chose the shades `Big bang` , `Apocaliptic` and `Celestial` and I have to say they defiantly live up to the hype :) 

I also picked up a Balmi, which happened to be half price! while this was great, it did mean they only had the peppermint one left, however, I actually really like the flavour! 

The last thing that managed to find its way into my basket in Boots was this Rimmel Scandaleyes eye shadow stick:

I was just drawn to they colour :) the Balmi wasn't actually on the 3 for 2, so when the lady told me I could still have one thing for free, I dashed back to get this! I love the consistency and it's really easy to use :)

In Superdrug, I bought a new red lip liner (thrilling stuff!) and the new MUA undressed palette. 

There's not much to say about this, I just needed this!

As I think I have mentioned before, I'm trying to get a bit more creative with my eyes, I want do do more than just my eyeliner! so I thought this would be a good way to play around with some eye shadow, and for four ponds, whats not to like!

We also went into international, where I bought this gorgeous denim look skater skirt

This is actually from the kids bit because the adult one looked weird!  I actually wore this today for my first day back at school :) (OOTD to come!)

The last thing I bought on this trip was this really cute hair bow

I cant wait to wear this at the back of a messy bun, just to make it a bit more interesting :)

I also went shopping another time, (I know, addicted) mainly to go to Primark because there isn't really one close to wear I live, so when ever I go it becomes a bit of a trip :p

I'll start from the top :) 
One basic thing I bought were these `shoe liners` 

Not hugely exciting, but I needed them :) I do like the colours though, theses are just what I like to wear under short Converse and Vans.

As these are £1 for two (I will never get over that!) I always pick these up. I like to use them to take of my facial make up before actually cleansing :).

I popped these into my basket as my other eyelash curlers have lost their spring, and for a pound, you cant go wrong :) 

  Next up, hairbands! I like the Primark ones because a) their crazy cheap and b) they don't have the metal bit which can damage your hair.

Unusually for me, I didn't actually see that much jewelry that I liked, but I did pick up some earrings :)
Firstly, these gorgeous arrow head style ones. I'm not usually a big fan of drop earrings, but I love these, also, they were just a pound! I think these also look a bit Topshop. 

 The other pair are these simple oval studs, there just simple, but I rather like them :) 

I think Primark is the perfect place for me to buy sunglasses, I'm sure if I bought an expensive pair I would end up breaking or loosing them! Anyway, when I saw these I feel in love a little, as you may have realised from reading my blog, I adore anything vintagey! so of course these appealed to me :)

One of the items of clothing I picked up is the gorgeous peplum top! look at the print! My mum actually saw this and said she new I was going to pick it up :)

Another top I spied is this sporty style crop, I love the sort of see through material and the motif :)

I also bought this simple top for school, bit boring, but I do like the colour :)

Another crop top?! I seem to be slightly addicted :) I love the cute Disney print on this one. I like that the bottom of it is actually finished as well! often I find crop tops are left un-hemmed and start to fray really easily (I'm looking at you Topshop!)

Lastly from Primark, my Mum kindly bought me some new PJ's :) I think I'm defo going to have to wait for summer to wear these, but I can't wait too!

We popped into new look as well, and I saw that they were selling these t-shirts for £5 instead of £7.99, so I thought I would bag my self a bit of a bargin! I love the blue colour and the grey will go with everything. 

And last but not least, I bought theses cuter than cute socks from River Island :) They are going to look so sweet  with my new converse :)

Few, that was a long post! thank you if you read this far! I think I can safely say, that's it for a while and my bank balance officially hates me :)

What have you bought recently? What do you think of my purchases?



  1. i love absolutley everything you brought! i got the rimmel foundation the other day too and i really like it so far! xo


    1. Aw thanks Laura! We clearly have similar taste :p + its really good I know! X

  2. Wow, I literally have half the stuff you brought in here. Same taste, wooaaa. I wear those sunnies and Minnie Mouse crop top all the time, amazing haul!!

    Ellie xxx

    1. That's really strange! + yeah I saw them on your blog :p + thank you! X

  3. Great haul! Love your nails btw!

    Really like the Primark peplum top!



    1. Thanks! + I've done a tutorial on them ;) x

  4. Everything looks so nice!! Great findings! :)



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